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The Rise Of Fashionable Computing

How many gigabytes are in that earring of yours?

Facebook’s Shocking Mobile Advertising Success

Facebook has quickly gone from zero mobile revenue to a multi-billion dollar mobile ad platform.

The Evolution Of App Store Screenshots

iPhone app store screenshots are changing as they became the most prominent detail in the directory list.

The Liability That Kills Countless Startups, And How To Stop It

Hint: you can solve this problem incredibly easily!

Yes, New Startups Are Flocking To .io Domains

Last year it was all about the .co domain. Now startups seem to be in love with .io domains.

Seriously, Ask For Money

Step 1: Get out of your head and talk to customers. Step 2: Ask the customer for money.

Silicon Valley Is Not A Community

Yet for some reason, communities around the globe are aspiring to replicate it.

The Curse Of The Isolationist Founder

You'd think founders who know how to build things would have it far more easy. Unfortunately they often fail due to this deadly startup sin.

No, Tumblr Is Worth $500 Million!

My math is different than your math!

This Headband Measures Your Focus Throughout The Day

Perhaps a breakthrough product for all of us with ADD?