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The Unimpressed Founder

Apparently faking it until you make it also means you can be judgmental of those who have already have.

There’s No App For That? Perhaps There’s A Reason…

I have a brilliant idea for an app and it doesn't exist! You may not want to build it just yet...

Just Start

This week I've seen so many people give out this simple lesson when I realized that it's the same approach I take on life.

The Rabbit Hole That Is Marketing Tools

Newsletters, blogs, advertising, website optimization, oh my! How can you manage all of it?

What If You Fail?

Is that ever a valid reason not to try?

The Remarkably Short Path To Becoming An Expert

Come with me on an educational journey!

Reaching $10,000 In Sales

Sometimes the first $1,000 or $10,000 is the hardest. All it takes is practice...

The Real Reason Facebook Bought Oculus

This secret and highly confidential reason that Facebook just tossed out $2 billion.

Scheduling Success

My new system for avoiding long unproductive blocks of time.

Why Are Exit Popups Worded So Arrogantly?

Exit intent technology is the growth hack of the moment, but the marketers behind it appear to be a bunch of jerks.