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WordPress Becomes an OpenID Provider

Yesterday, Simon Willion announced that you can now use your blog as an OpenID. This is good stuff. Next step, major sites need to start accepting OpenID as a valid login. I think that the real tipping point will happen once major email sites (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) and social networks (MySpace, Facebook, etc) decide […]

Social Networking Goes on a Tear

Within the past 72 hours 3 major companies have all announced their entry into social networking. On Friday, the Guardian reported on Reuters decision to create a financial MySpace. On Saturday, the New York Times published an article citing Cisco Systems’ intention to acquire Then yesterday, USA Today unveiled their new website that adds […]

An Entrepreneur's Dream: Become a VC

With the announcement by O’Reilly Media of their decision to enter the early-stage venture capital market, I’ve been thinking a lot more about venture capital. Two weeks ago, at the Future of Web Apps conference, I had the pleasure of listening to a speaker from Index Ventures (who has invested in companies including Skype,, […]

The Tech Superfund

With the recent announcement of Yahoo’s Brickhouse program it seems that more and more people are catching on to the idea of tech companies creating venture capital divisions. At the beginning of December I wrote about how Google should start up their own VC division. Yesterday, Arik Hesseldahl of examined ‚ÄúWhat to Do with […]

Digg Got Gamed

Although Annalee Newitz of Wired magazine spent a lot of time making a fake blog, it ended up making a pretty good story. Annalee tried gaming Digg by using the pay-per-digg service User/Submitter. In the whole scheme of things, I’m not quite sure what the benefit of doing this was except for the fact that […]

Google Click Fraud Rate: 0.02%?

According to the Google AdWords team, the click fraud rate of advertisers is 0.02%. These fraudulent clicks are found via advertiser inquiries. I would also like to report that today Ecuador announced that they have officially eliminated 99% of government corruption. While I’m confident in Google’s ability to measure their click fraud rate, I’m equally […]

PodCamp NYC

I got back from the Future of Web Apps conference at the beginning of the week and I’ve already picked my next conference to attend. I’ve decided to attend PodCamp in New York City. I’m pretty excited to network with the other bloggers and podcasters as well as meet members of the social media club […]

Time To Buy Stock?

After today’s huge plunge, I think now might not be a bad time to enter the market, especially considering much of the drop was due to a computer glitch. While there has been a series of down days (suggesting that the downward movement may have momentum), the significant drop to day is just a correction. […]

Why Blogging Hasn't Peaked

I have heard a lot around the blogosphere about how blogging is beginning to peak. I partially agree in that the masses have slowed their pace in creating one-time blogs in which they post only a few posts and quit. On the other hand I have spoken with a lot of people my age and […]

Can Yahoo Redeem Itself?

Since the launch of Panama, the web and business world have been buzzing about Yahoo. Much of the discussion revolves around whether or not Yahoo will be able to stage a turnaround. When I attended the Future of Web Apps conference last week, Bradley Horowitz from Yahoo spoke a lot about ‚Äúredemption‚Äù. I’m not quite […]