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Yahoo's Brickhouse

Yesterday, my friend Jesse posted about an interesting article. The article discusses the unannounced Brickhouse program at Yahoo that is ‚Äúborn out of the notion that Yahoo’s employees come up with ideas for new ventures, but they haven’t had an effective way to execute them.‚Äù This sounds fairly similar to Google’s 30-percent time in [...]

2007: The Year of OpenID

In the past few weeks there has been a bunch of steps take toward making OpenID the identity standard on the web. At the end of January I questioned whether OpenID is going mainstream with the addition of OpenID to Firefox 3.0. A week later, I wrote about Kim Cameron’s announcement of OpenID becoming interoperable [...]

Off to Europe

So I am leaving today to go to Europe and attend the Future of Web Apps conference in London. I will be traveling around Europe for the next 10 days. I will try to blog occasionally while I’m there, but postings will be sporadic. I will be back on a regular schedule after returning.

Internet Political Advertising Experiences Massive Growth

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article covering the growth in online advertising spending by political campaigns. According to the article, online advertising is expected to hit $80 million for the 2008 Presidential campaign, this is a whopping 275 percent increase over 2004. Many of the ads are displaying on blogs that don’t [...]

Best Valentine's Day Gift

I typically stick to tech stuff on my blog but I couldn’t pass this up. This is my sister’s Valentine’s Day gift to her boyfriend. The Hebrew means ‚ÄúI love you, my potato‚Äù. This is a pretty creative gift. Good one Megan!

Google to Charge for Extended Gmail

Just as Jason Calacanis asked for the other day, apparently Gmail has decided to offer a pay service. A reasonable price seems to be $25 for 6.25 gigabytes of space, since that’s what Google is currently charging for their Picasa hosting service. This isn’t a bad idea, but it would be nice if they added [...]

Why Does Urchin not Display Sessions?

This article is for those people managing their site’s analytics with Urchin. Yesterday I spent hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t view sessions and page views after I had installed Urchin’s UTM analytics on a client’s site. The only thing that was displaying was hits. The reason ended up being that the utm.gif [...]

Not All Newspapers Embrace the Web

An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal this morning discussed Google’s loss of a suit filed against them by a Belgian newspaper. While the Belgian newspaper has won a large settlement (‚Ǩ3.45 million and counting), this is a dumb move by a newspaper company. As traditional newspaper companies face declining revenue, they will need [...]

Yahoo Launches Site Explorer

Yesterday Yahoo announced the launch of their Site Explorer. This is a similar service to Google’s Webmaster Tools and Technorati‘s built in search features. The strange thing about Google’s webmaster tools is that it only shows four incoming links to my site, while Technorati and Yahoo shows hundreds of incoming links. Not sure what’s up [...]

User/Submitter: Unfairly Gaming the System

After yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article about ‚ÄúThe Wizards of Buzz‚Äù, there has been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere surrounding the impact of social bookmarking sites. One site, User/Submitter tries to game the system by paying diggers to digg articles that are submitted by paying users. I have a feeling that this site [...]