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Yahoo Launches Site Explorer

Yesterday Yahoo announced the launch of their Site Explorer. This is a similar service to Google’s Webmaster Tools and Technorati‘s built in search features. The strange thing about Google’s webmaster tools is that it only shows four incoming links to my site, while Technorati and Yahoo shows hundreds of incoming links. Not sure what’s up […]

User/Submitter: Unfairly Gaming the System

After yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article about ‚ÄúThe Wizards of Buzz‚Äù, there has been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere surrounding the impact of social bookmarking sites. One site, User/Submitter tries to game the system by paying diggers to digg articles that are submitted by paying users. I have a feeling that this site […]

Obama's Social Network

After reading ‚ÄúThat’s Not How You Do It Obama‚Äù I decided to check out Barack Obama’s new social network. I think that Fred (the author of A VC) makes a good point that the site shouldn’t be experiencing server overload, but aside from that I think the site is pretty good. If Obama is trying […]

Peel: Monitoring the MP3 Blog Buzz

A couple days ago my friend Jesse Thomas discussed a pretty cool new service called Peel. Peel enables users to subscribe to MP3 blogs from the comfort of their desktop. Peel seamlessly integrates with your Itunes player. Unfortunately the service is only available for Mac users, but hopefully they release a PC version soon. This […]

Flixster: A New Site for the IMDB Community?

There’s been a fair amount of buzz in the blogosphere recently about the new social network, Flixster. Much of the buzz is a result of the company closing a new round of venture capital. As Read Write Web pointed out yesterday, Flixster provides users with movies, actors, photos, news, reviews, ratings, previews, quizzes, showtimes, and […]

The Impact of Superbowl Commercials on Web Traffic

Yesterday, Hitwise released some interesting statistics about the impact of Superbowl commercials on web traffic. The results were pretty interesting. Some sites showed a significant increase including Budweiser, Budlight, and infoUSA. Showing the most significant increase was Snickers; a result of their controversial commercial with two men kissing. The Hitwise article poses an interesting question, […]

Program the Web With Yahoo Pipes

Yesterday Yahoo launched a new service called Pipes. The service is an extension of the pipes Unix feature. As yahoo describes it: Pipes is a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment. The name of the service pays tribute to Unix pipes, which let programmers […]

The New Version of Launches

Orli Yakuel and Eyal Shahar’s Web 2.0 directory launched a couple days ago. The site has a bunch of new features including a faster load speed, a new user interface, and more information for each site. The site is a complete digest of all the Web 2.0 sites. The site helps illustrate the sheer […]

Why the Buzz About Gmail?

Today there was a bunch of buzz in the blogosphere about Google opening up their service to everyone. I’m not quite sure why the buzz happened today. I’ve been openly creating Gmail accounts without the invite for months. Apparently Google released a statement today saying that their service has officially been opened to everyone. Not […] Becomes a Thing of the Past

About 6 months ago, a small website came out with a new service that allowed you to make free international phone call by simply dialing an Iowa phone number. Once you were connected you typed in the international number and were immediately connected. I personally used this service a number of times to call […]