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Steve Jobs Wants to End DRM

Steve Jobs posted this month’s manifesto titled ‚ÄúThoughts on Music‚Äù. Jobs outlines three alternatives for the future of digital music: ‚ÄúThe first alternative is to continue on the current course, with each manufacturer competing freely with their own ‚Äútop to bottom‚Äù proprietary systems for selling, playing and protecting music. It is a very competitive market, […]

OpenId Closer to Mainstream

Last week I examined whether or not OpenID has gone mainstream with the integration of Firefox 3.0 and OpenID. As of today another big step has been taken to ensure the future success of the web identity standard. Kim Cameron has announced a new collaboration to ensure interoperability between OpenID and Windows CardSpace. If you […]

Google Helps Webmasters

Today, Google released their Google tools for webmasters. Not only are these tools useful for webmasters, but they are key for search engine marketing firms. Google provides a useful keyword analysis tool, as well as an external links analysis page. I can’t say that the external links tool is particularly effective considering my search for […]

Compete Releases the Attention 200

For all the web marketers trying to determine how to best organize their next internet marketing campaign, launched a new metric today that ranks the top 200 sites on the web in terms of their share of attention. Ranking at the top of the Compete Attention 200 is Myspace, with a whopping 12% of […]

Can Yahoo Close the Gap?

Earlier today Yahoo launched it’s new search marketing system, ‚ÄúProject Panama‚Äù. In contrast to Google who mixes advertiser bids and ad relevancy to determine ad placement, Yahoo strictly relied upon advertiser bidding as to how high an ad was placed in search results. This is only one change coming from the new Panama. Additionally, Yahoo […]

Google to Control the Internet?

This morning I watched a video and read an article about Google’s plans for world domination. Well, not quite, but according to Robert Cringely, Google wants to control the internet. Supposedly, after purchasing much of the fiber optic lines and building massive data centers throughout the country, it seems as though Google is preparing for […]

Radio.Blog.Club the Blog Music Aggregator

This morning I read a great writeup by Orli Yakuel about a music service for blogs called Radio.Blog.Club. Boy am I out of the loop on this one. Apparently this site has been around for at least a year. It enables you to create a custom web radio station based on the music you select […]

5 Steps to Becoming a Blogger

First, quit your job. Not really, that’s probably the last thing that you’d want to do. Maintaining a blog requires a lot of effort. Since I started my new job just two days ago, I feel as though it has become more difficult to maintain a blog. Especially trying to maintain one that provides timely […]

Google Goes Down

It looks like Google has been having some problems over the past 24 hours. This afternoon I logged into Google analytics and saw a sharp decline in my blog traffic. Until I read about the outage on Techcrunch I figured it was due to the timing of my blog posts yesterday. Well apparently it wasn’t […]

Post Frequency

So today was my first day at work at Fleishman Hillard. I am doing web development there for the time being. As a result I will be posting but at varying times as I adjust to my new schedule. I hope to continue provide you with great content!