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The Buzz Surrounding Social Media

Today I was reading an interesting article by Dion Hinchcliffe about the emergence of mass social media. Dion gives an effective overview of what social media is and how it’s making a difference (in addition to providing the beautiful diagram above). He also outlines a few key components of social media: Communication in the form [...]

Google Smashes Earnings

That’s what you will be reading in the newspaper tomorrow after Google smashes earnings after the bell today. Look for the stock to hit $550. Currently options are priced for an 8% swing in the stock price after earnings are announce. I’m guessing that the volatility might be even a little higher. Either way, this [...]

Democracy 2.0

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact that the internet is having on both consumers and constituents (basically all citizens). There is a revolution taking place across the country from the comfort of our own homes. I started to realize this revolution while reading ‚ÄúThe Long Tail‚Äù by Chris Anderson. I started the [...]

Microsoft Vista Launches

Today Microsoft Vista was officially launched for consumers. Let’s get excited! Not. I’ll be receiving my Vista upgrade from Dell in the next few days, but the odds of me installing it are fairly low. Why? Well I just read six good reasons not to upgrade over at PcWorld. The main reason that I’m not [...]

An Easy Way to Fix Those Holes in Your Jeans

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that are no longer wearable due to a hole in it? Well, I stumbled upon a great site this weekend, Denim Therapy, that is the answer to all of your problems. Denim Therapy provides high quality jean repair for any degree of worn, tattered, or falling apart [...] Tracking Companies Social Impact

There is a new Digg alternative that monitors the social impact of company actions. Once an article is submitted to the site, users can vote on the social impact of the actions described in the article. This is a great way for monitoring a company’s social behavior. The only feature that seemed to be missing [...]

Google Turning Students Into Free Workers

Last week Google announced the beginning of the Build Your Campus in 3D Competition. While this may be a good way for students to gain exposure to a few professionals in industries involving the design of 3-dimensional structures, I see this an easy way to get some students to build up the content on Google [...]

OpenID Going Mainstream?

What if you could login to all the sites that you are a member of with only one login and password? All of that could become possible with the broad acceptance of a standard called OpenID. I hadn’t heard of OpenID until recently when the standard was discussed in relation to one of my client [...]

Blogs Are the New PR Weapon of Choice

Ok, maybe not yet, but they need to be. There has been a significant amount of discussion in the blogoshpere this past week about the end of the press release. Much of the discussion has lead to there being no reason to put out a press release in the new “Conversational Era” of PR. Both [...]

Democratic Candidates Getting Web Savvy

With the announcements of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton forming exploratory committees last week on the web, it seems as though much of the 2008 Democratic Presedential campaign is going to be played out on the web. With hundreds of thousands of bloggers covering each and every move of the candidates, it is probably a [...]